What are draws and results of Euromillions?

Every Tuesday and every Friday, 5 numbers are drawn from a range of 1 to 50 numbered balls and 2 stars from a range of 1 to 12 numbered balls. Players must try to predict the winning game combination.

The draws usually take place at fixed times, for example twice a week. During the draw, random numbers are chosen to form the winning combination. First, the regular numbers are drawn, followed by the Lucky Star numbers. This draw is usually conducted using a random number generator or similar method to ensure a fair and impartial selection.

Draws 2023 Euromillions

Draw date: 29 August 2023
Results: 9-39-52-61-63 25

Draw date: 25 August 2023
Results: 12-23-26-31-38 2

Draw date: 22 August 2023
Results: 1-12-26-36-50 7

Draw date: 18 August 2023
Results: 10-20-29-44-66 11

Draw date: 15 August 2023
Results: 18-39-42-57-63 7

Lottery location Paris

EuroMillions jackpot draws are usually drawn twice a week, usually on Tuesday and Friday nights. That means two chances to win each week. Sweepstakes are usually held in a specific city or location in one of the participating countries. Locations can vary, but draws are usually held in a studio or similar environment where the selection of random numbers takes place live.

Lottery draw method

During the lottery draw, the winning number is randomly drawn from the possible pool of numbers. This is done using a Random Number Generator, which guarantees a fair and random draw. The draw usually starts with the selection of regular numbers, followed by the Lucky Star numbers.

Can I watch the draw live? If, yes where?

Many of the national lotteries participating in EuroMillions offer live streaming of their draws. This allows players to watch the draw in real time and see which numbers are drawn.

Live broadcasts can be broadcast via television or online channels.


Lottery draws are often monitored and verified by an independent body to ensure the integrity of the process. This helps ensure that the draw is fair and reliable, and that there is no manipulation or bias in the selection of winning numbers.

Winning numbers and bonus distribution

After the lottery draw, the winning numbers are officially announced. The winning results are announced on the official National Lottery website and may also be announced through other media. Prizes are allocated to different prize levels based on the number of matching numbers on the ticket.

Rollover and Jackpot Rollover

If no one wins the jackpot during a draw, the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw. This can lead to a significant increase in the jackpot as more draws take place without a winner.