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A million euro winning ticket from EuroMillions ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ draw offered in Cork

A lucky punter in Co Cork bought the winning ticket worth €1 million for that National Lottery’s EuroMillions ‘Ireland Only Raffle’.

It was the 2nd of two such special raffle occasions held now as last Tuesday (12 August) a web-based player in Cork scooped €1 million. Both €1 million ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ prizes were bought in Cork now

The Nation’s Lottery is that this morning attractive to its players in Cork to check on their EuroMillions tickets to find out if they’ve won €1 million.

EuroMillions results as Ireland Only Raffle code champion scoops €1million in marketing draw. Each EuroMillions ticket offered in Ireland includes a unique ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ code and also the winning code number is I-JML-99060.

A Nationwide Lottery spokesperson stated: “What per week it’s been for EuroMillions players in Cork, where both €1 million ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ prizes happen to be offered.

“The very first was won by a web-based player registered in Cork and today just four days later the Digital rebel County has another completely new National Lottery uniform.

Euromillions Ireland results

“So we’re now advocating anybody who purchased a EuroMillions ticket for last night’s attract Cork to check on individuals tickets cautiously to find out if their code number is I-JML-99060. If it’s – congratulations.

A Nationwide Lottery spokesperson stated it wishes to reveal the specific winning store within the future and stated: “As with any prize win worth €1 million or over, it is crucial that we inform the winning store not to mention to own winning ticketholder the space and time they have to permit this to amazing win to sink in.

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