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Which charities does Euromillions support in the participating countries?

The EuroMillions lottery supports several charities, but the exact organisations may differ from one participating country to another. Here is a more in-depth overview:

Charities by country

What does Euromillions invest in social projects in the different countries of Euromillionen/

United Kingdom

In the UK, the money goes to the National Lottery Good Causes. This fund supports sports clubs, arts initiatives, and heritage projects, among others. One example is funding for Olympic athletes.

In France, part of the income goes to the “Fondation Française pour la Recherche sur l’Épilepsie”. This is a foundation that conducts research on epilepsy.


In Spain, the lottery is affiliated with the government and a significant part of the revenue goes to state projects such as education and healthcare, as well as to NGOs such as the Red Cross.

In Belgium, part of the revenue goes to the King Baudouin Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to various social causes, from poverty alleviation to scientific research.


In Austria, part of the proceeds are used to finance cultural projects, such as the restoration of historical buildings and art collections.

In Ireland, the “Irish Heritage Trust” is a recipient of lottery funds, dedicated to preserving natural and cultural heritage.


In Portugal, part goes to the “Santa Casa da Misericórdia”, a charity that focuses on health, education, and social inclusion.
This is a brief overview, and the projects supported may vary and change over time. Hopefully this will give you the depth and content you are looking for.


In Switzerland, part of the proceeds go to the “Swisslos Fond” which funds various cultural and social projects. For example, they have programmes focusing on addiction prevention and support for people with disabilities.


In Luxembourg, revenues from the EuroMillions lottery are mainly used for public benefit. A specific example is the support to the “Fondation Cancer,” an organisation dedicated to cancer research and prevention.
This should give a more complete picture of the charities supported by EuroMillions in the various participating countries.