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EuroMillions and the El Millón Raffle Spain

‘Euromilliones’ is a favorite word in Spain. It is the name of a very popular Spanish lottery in which you can win millions of euros! Spain is along with France and UK the first participants in the Euromillions lottery this was in 2004. Every Euromilliones El Raffle player has to select five numbers out of a 1 to 50 range and a two stars out of a 1 to 11 range.

El Millón

EuroMillions lottery tickets instantly gives the time to win the Spanish-weekly raffle known as El Millón (The Million). You’re in this exciting raffle action since your EuroMillions tickets are ordered by our local offices in The country.

In Spain, players can buy Euromillions and Eurojackpot tickets at authorised outlets, such as physical lottery kiosks and online platforms.

Selecting numbers for your spanish ticket

A ticket for Euromilliones is not expensive, just 2 euros. This is why a lot of Spanish people try test their luck in this lottery at least once. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to select the numbers of Euromillions. You only have to visit the website to select your five favorite numbers and two stars that hopefully will make you very rich. You have to select the numbers for each bet manually or completely random. In the last case a system randomly selects numbers for you. This is a good option if you find it difficult to choose.

Two draws every week

Euromillions organizes two draws, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Both draws are always very exciting. The validation of your ticket depends in which you draw you participate in. For example, a validation of your ticket between Saturday and Tuesday means that you participate in the draw on Tuesday. If the validation is between Wednesday and Friday, the Friday draw can be your big moment. Perhaps you like to participate in both draws because it increases your winning odds. Select this optin when you purchase a Euromilliones ticket. Your ticket has the same numbers and stars for each draw.

Choose between a single or multiple bet
Perhaps you like to place several bets to increase your winning chances. At Euromillions you can do this in two ways, namely ‘single’ and ‘multiple’. A single bet means that you place at least one bet and a maximum of five bets on the same ticket. Each bet has five numbers and two stars. Each ticket has a block. To place the first bet you have choose five numbers and two stars. The second bet has five numbers and two stars in the second block as well, and so on. It’s also possible to place a multiple bet. It means that you place a bet with more than five numbers. The maximum number of stars is five. You have to mark these numbers in the first block of your ticket. Be aware of the fact that how more numbers you choose, how more you have to pay for the bet. You can choose the following scheme to make a multiple bet at Euromilliones:

Prize categories Spanish Euromillions

Euromillions gives away some big prizes. It uses a system to divide the prizes. Every time someone buys a ticket it goes to a fund. Half this fund is put into prize money. The prize money is then distributed among 13 prize categories in total. If a player ends up in the first prize category he or she has probably the best day ever. It means the Jackpot is won! You need to have 5 correct numbers and 2 stars. The second prize category is great as well. You probably win thousands of euros when you have 5 correct numbers and 1 star. A player wins less money if he or she ends up in the other categories. For example, the third category is meant for people who just have five correct numbers and the fourth category is meant for those who have four correct numbers and two stars. Obviously the chance of winning something in in the 5th or 6th category is higher than ending up in the the first or second category. The other categories are as follows:

Numbers and stars El Raffle

  • 5th 4 numbers and 1 star
  • 6th 4 numbers
  • 7th 3 numbers and 2 stars
  • 8th 2 numbers and 2 stars
  • 9th 3 numbers and 1 star
  • 10th 3 numbers
  • 11th 1 number and 2 stars
  • 12th 2 numbers and 1 star
  • 13th 2 numbers

Loterías y Apuestas del Estado

Loterías y Apuestas del Estado is the Spanish state organization responsible for managing and organizing various lotteries and gambling games in Spain. The organization was founded in 1763, making it one of the oldest lottery organizations in the world. It falls under the Ministry of Finance and Function and is one of the main sources of revenue for the Spanish government.

The organization runs several types of lotteries, including the well-known “El Gordo” Christmas lottery, the daily “La Primitiva,” and, of course, EuroMillions. In the case of EuroMillions, tickets are offered both online and through an extensive network of physical outlets.