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Eurodreams new Lottery concept of Euromillions

In the exciting world of lotteries, a new game has emerged, captivating the dreams of many across Europe: EuroDreams. With draws every Monday and Thursday, EuroDreams offers participants two chances each week to turn their aspirations into reality. Players must remember to verify their forms by 8 PM on the day of the draw.

Ticket price Eurodreams

The EuroDreams format is simple yet enticing. For just €2.50, participants select 6 numbers and 1 dream number per grid, or opt for a quick pick. The stakes are high and the rewards, even more, enticing: Match all 6 winning numbers and the dream number to earn €20,000 every month for 30 years. If you match 6 winning numbers, you can win €2,000 monthly for 5 years.

Where could i play Eurodreams?

EuroDreams is available through trusted National Lottery sales outlets and online, extending its reach beyond Belgium to lottery enthusiasts in Luxembourg, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland starting next month. This expansion mirrors the success of its big brother, EuroMillions. However, the British are notably absent from this European lottery dream. EuroDreams, with its unique format and life-changing prizes, is not just a lottery; it’s a beacon of hope, offering a chance to fulfill lifelong dreams.

At this moment we could not sell tickets online, maybe later this would be possible.

While the exact rules will be refined and released once member countries publish the first official regulations, here are some of the main rules we could expect to find in the EuroDreams lottery:

Number Selection: players will probably have to choose a combination of numbers to participate in the draw. This combination could be made up of a selection of main numbers and additional numbers or stars, similar to other lotteries.

No replacement for EuroMillions

EuroDreams will co-exist alongside EuroMillions. This new draw game complements the existing game offering and fits perfectly with EuroMillions. Unlike EuroMillions, you do not get “rich” in one go here, so there is no super jackpot of 240 million here but you can earn monthly/annual income.