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Austria Euromillions

Austria is among the nine participating countries from the Euro Millions lottery. What’s the benefit of purchasing a ticket in Austria rather of, for instance, in EuroMillions Switserland, Spain or The country? Austria can also be the founding father of this European lottery. The price for a ticket is € 2,50 for a normal or quick tip. You could buy it in a local store and also you play the extra game joker+.

An official EuroMillions ticket will be purchased on your behalf by theLotter local offices in Austria and scanned into your private account

How to play EuroMillions in win2day in Austria?

5 up, 2 down – that’s the easy way to create picks. Mark the five numbers from 1 to 50 in the upper number field of the zodiac sign and the two numbers from 1 to 12 in the lower circle. In Austria, a paddle costs 2.50 euros.

  • Personal Tips: Choose the numbers yourself, or let the random number generator choose based on quick tips.
  • System: Do you want to systematically increase your chances of winning? Then maybe System Tickets will be for you.
  • Stocks: Here you can buy stocks through various techniques, so stocks provide you with more opportunities.
  • Team Tips: Contribute tips together with your friends and/or acquaintances or the win2day community.
  • System Champion: Create a custom EuroMillions system.

Below we’ll show you how to play EuroMillions via the methods mentioned above:

Austria extra bonus

Every EuroMillions draw has an extra €100,000 to win exclusively in Austria – AustriaBonus! Each selection is entered automatically.

Increase your chances of winning by purchasing different selected stocks. For just €7.70 you can play 63 EuroMillions picks. With a EuroMillions Share Certificate, your chances of winning on a pro-rata basis increase significantly.

Use EuroMillions Team Pick and play with up to 10 friends or relatives – whether using the regular lottery, system lottery or Quick Pick. Increase your chances of winning millions! Each team member must participate in at least one draft. Each person will receive a separate receipt.

Advantages lottery tickets Euromilliones

Every Austria participant has the opportunity to win an additional a million euros. Extra raffle prize of € a million within the Austria My Million Raffle

Standard jackpot is € 17 million and may grow to some height of € 190 million! See the image above for that current jackpot position. Exactly what does an Austrian ticket cost? Lot cost (2 rows X € 6.88)

Lotto ball from austria draw

What’s Austria’s ÖsterreichBonus?

When you buy tickets for EuroMillions Austria you instantly take part in a extra raffle, available only in Austria, that awards a €100,000 prize in every draw.

Where and when is the draw of the Austrian Euromillion?

The draws will take place on Tuesday and Friday between 8:45 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. at the French lottery company La Française des Jeux in Paris. The ORF shows the draws at about 10:25 p.m. in ORF 2.

Cut-off time- Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. and Friday, 6:30 p.m.

History Euromillions Austria

EuroMillions premiered in Feb 2004 in France, The country and England. They were the very first 3 participating countries. Merely a couple of several weeks later, on 8 September 2004, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Europe signed the Agreement of Accession for this lotto.

Since May 2011 there’s been a draw every Tuesday and Friday. The lottery company of the nation under consideration accounts for the whole process of the sport itself and stays susceptible to the permits and supervision from the government bodies of their own condition.

In Austria, for instance, you are able to only take part in EuroMillions with Austrian tickets. Winnings are only able to be claimed in the united states where the game was performed. To keep your tickets from Austria online. After that you can collect the countless winnings in Austria.

Euromillions Joker

Of course, you also have the opportunity to participate in the Joker at EuroMillions Austria. By default, the wildcard “yes” is already set. If you decide otherwise, click or tap “No”. By the way: The Joker takes part in all Joker draws that take place during the entire EuroMillions term, starting with the next Joker draw and ending with the Joker draw following the last EuroMillions draw.

If you have selected your desired number of jokers and move your mouse over the joker field, the calculation rule for joker participation will be explained. You can play up to 10 jokers.