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Play Euromillions with systems

The EuroMillions system ticket has 35 different options. As a result, it increases the number of possible combinations of participation in EuroMillions, and it also simplifies the process of participation for complete systems. It facilitates you in playing with as few as three accurate numbers.

System 0 to 10

In the EuroMillions system, you can utilize up to 10 numbers in the field of numbers instead of only 5, and you can utilize up to 12 numbers in the star shape instead of only 2. All numbers have the same rights and are equally likely in different selections. The most basic and cost-effective system is 5+3. Here, five numbers from the field of numbers and three numbers from the star’s circle are employed.

System 5+3

Alter individual numbers: The specific numbers that you have chosen are highlighted in blue in the respective betting area. Select the number or numbers you want to alter. These transitions from blue to white. Now you can select a new phone number.You’d like to alter the entire bet and let fate choose the figures? Just click on the two crossed arrows, and the computer will choose a new bank and give you random numbers. Attention: This step is impossible to reverse.