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UK Euromillions Millionaire Maker

EuroMillions is the biggest loterry of the United Kingdom and als Europe. Every week thousands of players look forward to the UK EuroMillions lottery. The UK along with France and Spain were the first participants in the Euromillions lottery this was in 2004. The price of a lottery ticket costs £2.50 when you buy it on local store. But you can also buy online and you receive also 1 ticket for free.

The UK EuroMillions lottery

The EuroMillions lottery is played in several European countries. Although the games are separate, there is a prize pool for all participating countries. EuroMillions gains a lot of revenue by selling thousands of tickets. In total 50 percent of the total sales is paid out in prizes for the winners. A percentage is also put in a special fund for Jackpots in the future.

The Camelot Group

The Camelot Group is the operator of the UK National Lottery whose current franchise period started in 2009 and runs until February 2024.

How to play EuroMillions in the UK?

The answer is simple – the same as in other countries. So you choose 5 five numbers from a range of 1 to 50 and two Lucky Star numbers out of a 1-12 range for his or her ticket. This ticket also includes the UK Millionaire Maker, which gives you an extra chance to win.

A player wins the Jackpot when he or she has a ticket that matches with the 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars that appear during the draw. Sometimes you’re not the only lucky person to win the EuroMillions Jackpot. In that case you have to share the money.

Remember that the ticket sales always close at 7.30 p.m on Tuesday and Friday, right before the draw. Did you forgot to buy a ticket? No problem, because there’s another draw next week. Tickets can be bought again from 9 p.m.

Euromillions Millionaire Maker extra prize for only UK

Some European countries provide extra options to win money, and the United Kingdom is a good example of that. Thanks to the British organization ‘Camelot’ you can win money in the European Millionaire Maker. The guaranteed prizes of 1 million euros attract a lot of players. Obviously it’s not very easy to become a millionaire. You need to have a lot of luck, because all the letters and the numbers need to watch with those that appear during the draw for the European Millionaire Maker. The UK Millionaire Maker Draw always has two guaranteed winners. Perhaps you’ll be one of them in the near future!

1 million pounds

Sometimes there are so many prizes won that the Millionaire Maker winner doesn’t receive the exact amount of 1 million pounds, but less. In that case the Camelot organization pays an additional amount so that eventually 1 million pounds will be added to the bank account of the lucky winner. These circumstances could lead to a temporary stop of the EuroMillions and European Millionaire maker draws. The draw continues when the problem is resolved.

Smaller prizes in the UK

You’ve probably seen that less correct numbers mean smaller prizes. For example, if you have only 3 main numbers you win 9 pounds, whereas a prize of 7,60 pounds is given to you with 1 main number and two Lucky Stars. 6 pounds and 3,30 pounds are won when you have 2 main numbers and 1 Lucky Star of 2 main numbers, respectively.

You can also read about special draws in the so-called ‘Game Specific Rules’ on the website of the National Lottery.

Winning chances England Euromillions

Perhaps you’re thinking about entering the EuroMillions lottery. It is important to know the odds of winning during the draws. The following scheme might help you:

What kind of draw Which day Odds of winning

  • Tuesday 1:1,900,000
  • Friday 1:2,950,000
  • Tuesday 1:2,250,000
  • Friday 1:3,400,000

Exact odds of winning

The expected ticket sales play an important part in the calculation of the exact odds of winning. For example, the winning chances during the EuroMillionss base draw are based on the expected sales of 3,8 million UK Millionaire Matchmaker tickets. At the base draw during Friday, the expected sales are 5,9 million, whereas at the 4th Rollovers on Tuesday and Friday respectively 4,5 million and 6,8 million UK Millionaire Matchmaker tickets are expected to be sold.

UK National Lottery

The British National Lottery is the main lottery organization in the United Kingdom and was founded in 1994. The lottery is run by the Camelot Group, which is licensed by the British government. The organization offers several types of lotteries, including the standard “Lotto,” “Thunderball” and “EuroMillions,” which are also played in other European countries.

One of the unique features of EuroMillions UK is the Millionaire Maker, an add-on game that is automatically included with every EuroMillions ticket purchased. A ‘Millionaire Maker’ code is drawn at each draw, with the lottery owner winning £1 million. Sometimes special events are held, such as the ‘European Millionaire Maker,’ where millions of dollars in prizes are available across Europe.