Euromilhoes M1LHÃO portugal

In Portugal, EuroMillions is managed by Jogos Santa Casa, the organization responsible for various lottery and betting games in the country. Playing EuroMillions The M1LHÃO in Portugal follows the same format as in other participating European countries: you select 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 “Lucky Star” numbers from 1 to 12.

After purchasing your ticket, you’ll participate in the regular EuroMillions draw for a chance to win prizes ranging from smaller amounts up to the jackpot, which can go as high as €220 million.

Euromillions M1LHÃO feature

What sets Portugal apart is the M1LHÃO (One Million) feature. When you purchase a EuroMillions ticket in Portugal, it automatically comes with a unique M1LHÃO code, which is a three-letter and five-digit alphanumeric combination. This code serves as your entry into the special M1LHÃO draw that takes place every Friday.

winning M1LHÃO code

The M1LHÃO draw guarantees that one ticket holder in Portugal will win €1 million. The winning code is drawn randomly, and if your ticket’s code matches the winning M1LHÃO code, you win €1 million in addition to any prizes you may have won in the main EuroMillions draw.

Click the Play area and choose the EuroMillions option.

Simple bets are created by marking each group of:

  • · 5 crosses within the “figures” grid
  • · 2 crosses around the “stars” grid

Multiple betting system

The multiple betting system in Portugal enables you to definitely play:

  • · As much as 11 crosses within the “figures” grid
  • · As much as 12 crosses within the “star” grid

Multiple bets are marked solely around the first set. You need to consult the potential combinations within the Euromillions rules. The amount of crosses should be marked within the appropriate space.

Random Bet box

You may also complete the Random Bet box (single or multiple bets and the amount of bets or crosses) and then click Generate Answer to complete check in. The Blind Key option enables the registration of random bets, where the player only becomes conscious of the important thing generated after confirmation from the registration from the bet.

The bet on M1LHÃO is required using the bet on Euromillions.

For every single bet you set around the EuroMillions, an alphanumeric code (3 letters and 5 figures) will instantly be generated through the gaming system, which matches the bet around the M1lLHÃO game. When putting a multiple bet, as numerous codes because the single bets incorporated for the reason that multiple bet is going to be generated.

Within the upper right corner from the EuroMillions play area is proven the amount of M1lhão codes that’ll be allotted for the reason that EuroMillions bet. The wagerer are only able to consult the codes generated following the payment from the bet.

When is the draw in Portugal?

You have to select among the available draw options: Both, Tuesday or Friday. Within the upper section of ??the page you can observe the cost from the bet, the present and subsequently draw for Euromillions and M1lhão.

When finishing your “bets”, you may choose to:

  • · “Increase cart”
  • · “Bet Now”, once the ticket is going to be validated
  • · Add Favorite Keys

The M1lhão Prize Draw happens on Friday and all sorts of codes generated within the Euromillions bets in Portugal participate between Saturday and Friday, your day which the draw happens.