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Belgian wins more than 142 million euros in euromillions lottery

A Belgian became as much as 142,897,164 euros richer Tuesday night thanks to winning numbers at EuroMillions. So reports the National Lottery. On Friday there is something to win again, although the pot is a bit smaller than Tuesday at 17,000,000 euros.

The winning numbers were 12 – 20 – 25 – 26 – 27. The stars 8 and 12. Last Friday, the pot was already greatly increased because there was no big winner. Three Belgians also won as much as 21,000 euros then.

Biggest jackpot Belgium ever?

The pot the winner took home on Tuesday is bigger than the average Euromillions pot, but is not yet the biggest ever won in Belgium. In 2017, a Belgian won a mega jackpot of more than 153 million euros, and in October 2016, a street sweeper from Schaerbeek took home a whopping 168 million euros, the largest Belgian win ever.

A Belgian became the winner of 142,897,164 euros on Tuesday night, Dec. 6, 2022, thanks to winning numbers at EuroMillions.

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