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Changed game formula en New maximum jackpot Eurojackpot

With the product change, the maximum possible jackpot rises above the magic threshold of 100 million. The highest prize that can be won at the Eurojackpot since March 25 is 120 million euros. Previously, the limit was 90 million euros. Basically, the previous system remains that the jackpot is capped and cannot rise above the statutory maximum limit of 120 million euros.

In this context, the game formula will also be adjusted: Participants will continue to pick five numbers out of 50, but the Euro numbers will be 2 out of 12 (instead of the previous 2 out of 10). This changes the chance of winning the first prize from the previous 1 : 95 million to around 1 : 140 million. This change makes it possible for the jackpot to grow to 120 million euros. The chance of winning the Eurojackpot lottery decreases slightly from 1 : 26 to 1 : 32.

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