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Eurojackpot 120 million lottery

Eurojackpot is a European game of chance with 18 participating countries, where you play along with a lottery ticket for only €2. A lottery ticket number consists of 5 numbers and 2 bonus numbers. There is a draw on Friday evening and Tuesday evening.

How do you play Eurojackpot?

Select five EuroJackpot online numbers you would like to play for the next draw – numbers need to range from 1 to 50 and also think of two different numbers belonging to a matrix mad of numbers 1 through 8. If all numbers are goed you maybe win the Eurojackpot of 120 million. These two last numbers are the so-called Euro Figures and they represent an important element that decides whether you will win the big jackpot or a secondary prize, if you happen to guess all seven or a few of the primary digits, plus the two bonus numbers.

Al you need to do is simply roll your mouse over your preferred numbers, click on them and see them be automatically written on the right-sided ticket on the side. Do the same with the Euro Figures and wait for us to inform you if you have won one of the EuroJackpot lotto prizes.

Get EuroJackpot online lottery tickets today! can take off the pressure of having to choose your weekly numbers for the next EuroJackpot online game, especially if you don’t have that
much of an inspiration. Let your destiny handle the selections of your numbers though the Lotto-matic feature we have in store for you. Make sure you click on the special Lotto-matic link and enabling the activation of random number selection. Get closer to winning the hot EuroJackpot prizes that start off at €10 million.

Enjoy the amazingly big odds provided by this lottery game and let us be the first ones to give you the excellent news if luck decides to pay you a nice visit. We will make sure you will receive an instant email on your personal address telling you all about the prize you have won.

Manage My EuroJackpot login/account

Create a new user account online and get your EuroJackpot Lottery tickets on the spot. Select your digits and hit the “Proceed” button so you can be redirected to the account registration page where you will need to fill in a form with your personal data. If you already have an account, make sure you click the “Already have an account” link on the same page and speed up the process even more. As a new member of the family, you will enjoy a fine 1+1 free welcome bonus deal, so memberships here are definitely worth it.

Draws in 2023 also on Tuesday

Keep in mind that the online EuroJackpot Lottery takes place on Tuesday and Fridays at 9PM (Helsinki, Finland). The completion of each draw triggers the calculation of the prizes and right after that all results will be shown on our site. Expect jackpots to go as high as €90 million, so don’t forget to create your online account today or log in and buy your tickets for the next draw!

FAQ about the Eurojackpot

How does the Eurojackpot Poule game work?

The Eurojackpot Poule game gives you a better chance of winning the jackpot together. You play in a pool with other players. You have more chances because you play more draws.Draw proved extra exciting

What is a booster fund?

The jackpot is a fixed amount of at least 10 million euros. To ensure this amount is paid out, 12% of total winnings go to Boosterfund. Boosterfund’s maximum amount is 20 million euros. If this amount is reached, amounts above this maximum go into the jackpot.

Can I enter the prize draw?

You cannot enter Eurojackpot prize draws. The draws take place every Tuesday and Friday night in Helsinki, Finland. However, you can watch the draw on YouTube on Tuesday night and Friday night from 10pm.