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EuroMillions player who has won 105 million pounds still works as a builder

Past November a EuroMillions player won an incredible 105 million pounds. The very lucky winner has made an interesting decision: he decided to keep working instead of living a luxurious millionaire lifestyle. What’s more: two months after his won he still works as a builder.

Working in a windproof jacket
Steve Thomson from Selsey (West Sussex) is 42 years old a new millionaire. This didn’t keep him from installing double-glazed windows and a new front door at a property near his three-bedroom home. There are several pictures in which we see Steve in a black windproof jacket, jeans and a beanie. He has a hand saw and cuts the white wooden frames.

A promise to keep
It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Steve is still working. After his win the builder promised not to let his customers down before Christmas. He said would complete all his current building jobs. So Steve is a man that keeps his word!

‘Salt of the earth’
Ellie Wood, neighbor of Steve, isn’t surprised as well and called the guy and his wife ‘salt of the earth’. He isn’t shcked at all that Steve is going to finish his building jobs before retiring. It’s ‘just the guy he is and he would never leave anyone in the lurch’, the neighbor said to the paper.

The new multi-millionaire told the British paper Mirror after his win that he would go back to work, but not until next week. He called the big win ‘really overwhelming’, which is very understandable. Steve has a wife called Lenka. He called the money ‘too much’ for them.

A new home
Steve and Lenka want to do a lot of good things with the money and, in his own words, Steve is going to be ‘sensibly generous’. Of course the couple is going to buy some nice things for themselves as well. For example, they’re planning to buy a new home so that their three children can finally have their own bedrooms.

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