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How is the Euromillions Jackpot amount calculated?

Half of the wagering amounts recorded for each draw by all participating lotteries is allocated to the winnings of the respective draw as well as to a fund called “Reserve Fund”. The very first Jackpot of a EuroMillions game cycle always includes a starting amount of € 17,000,000. The amount required to reach the € 17,000,000 will be drawn from the “Reserve Fund”.

Can the EuroMillions Jackpot keep on rising endlessly?

No. As long as there is no winner in rank 1, the Jackpot increases with each draw. Nevertheless, there is a maximum amount for the Jackpot (= ceiling) which is currently set at € 200,000,000. Once that ceiling of € 200,000,000 is reached, the portion of the Jackpot that exceeds this maximum amount will be allocated to the first lower rank containing at least one winner.

If there is € 200,000,000 in the Jackpot five consecutive times, and there is still no winner in rank 1 on the fifth draw where the Jackpot contains € 200,000,000, that Jackpot will be divided among the winner (s) of the rank in which there is at least one winner on that fifth draw. In addition to this amount, the normal profit in the relevant rank is added. Once the record Jackpot of € 200,000,000 has been won or divided, for the next cycle the record Jackpot is increased to € 210,000,000, and then to € 220,000,000, € 230,000,000, € 240,000,000 and finally € 250,000,000, the maximum!

How does the EuroMillions profit distribution take place?

The EuroMillions profit distribution takes place according to fixed percentages, which are laid down in the EuroMillions regulations.

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