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Irish family syndicate wins EuroMillions Jackpot of 175 million euros

A family syndicate from Dublin has won the EuroMillions Jackpot, worth more than 175 million euros! They wrote history, since it’s the biggest Jackpot claimed by an Irish ticket holder ever. How did the now very rich syndicate react?

Good news

The family syndicate lives in north County Dublin, in a place called Naul. It’s located close to the border with County Meath. One of the family members bought the winning ticket at Reilly’s Daybreak in Naul. A female family member realized that Lady Fortune had been at their side when she checked the winning numbers after the draw on Tuesday evening. She heard on the news that there had been a win in Ireland and decided to check the numbers online.

Shaking legs and disbelief
It took quite some time to convince everyone in the syndicate that they had the winning ticket. Even the owner of the shop where the ticket was sold did not believe it at first. He got sick in his stomach and his legs started to shake. It was just total shock, he told the press. The family member who bought the winning ticket put it under her mattress to keep it safe. She barely slept that night, she told. Very understandable!

A dream come true
The winners did not react themselves, but have a spokesperson who is married to one of the family members. He said the family is very close and that it’s a ‘dream come true’. He says the big win is unbelievable and that it will take them some time to deal with the good news. They have to organize themselves again before realization will probably hit: their lives will never be the same.

When will the prize be paid out?

The lucky family deposited the winning ticket with the UK National Lottery to keep it safe.
Although their lives will never the same, the spokesperson of the family said that they don’t want the money to change their lives. Instead the money must be shared so that the children, grandchildren and other family members can all enjoy it. The prize will be paid out in the next couple of weeks.

Excitement in the air
On Wednesday, the family deposited the winning ticket for safe keeping with the National Lottery and arrangements are now being made for the prize claim to be paid out in the next few weeks. Obviously the small village of Naul is very excited about the big win. There’s a buzz in the year, and most people find it amazing.

Previous winners
The CEO of the National Lottery, Dermot Griffin, is obviously very content with the big win. He says it’s an incredibly lucky time for the players on this Irish island. The big win is the 14th time someone has won the EuroMillions Jackpot in Ireland. A while back, a couple living in North Ireland became millionaires when they bought the winning ticket worth 115 million euros! Another Jackpot fell during New Year’s Day draw, on the ticket of Patrick and Frances Connolly from Moira. This was the fourth biggest EuroMillions win in the United Kingdom, and the biggest to date in Northern Ireland.

Roll-over until a big win
Sometimes a single player wins a big prize as well. In 2005 Dolores McNamara from Limerick was lucky enough to win an incredible 115 million euros. She was probably very patient, since it can take a while before the Jackpot hits. Since January 2019 the Jackpot has been rolling over. If there’s going to be a winner, he or she receives a cheque worth €175,475,380. Enough reason to participate we would say!

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