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Why becoming a member of a EuroMillions group bundle is such a good idea?

EuroMillions is a very well-known lottery in Europe. People love it because they can win an incredibly high Jackpot, which sometimes reaches more than 100 million euros! Just a while back, you could even win 162 million euros. It shows that EuroMillions is definitely worth trying.

Share your luck with family and friends

Lotteries are all based on luck. Still, you never know if it’s going to be your lucky day. A ticket for EuroMillions only costs a few euros. You can increase your winning chances by purchasing several tickets at once. However, more tickets means that you have to pay more. This is not possible for everyone. This is why you should buy it with family and friends. You can share the costs, and perhaps the big win! Another good option is an online lottery in which big player groups participate. A lot of people are involved in this. This increases your chance of winning ánd you don’t have to pay as much for a lot of tickets.

Increase your winning chances with a group

EuroMillions is one of the best lotteries to participate in with a group. It organizes a special group game, that gives the possibility to share the costs of the tickets. You can play with a maximum of 999 players in total. This would be great, because it increases the odds of winning the Jackpot a thousand times!

Where are the tickets sold?
It’s really easy to purchase a EuroMillions group lottery ticket. Tickets on the internet can be found at the website of TheLotter. Local representatives purchase the official lottery tickets that you and other players have paid for. Then they scan the ticket to your secured online accounts. So you can look at your ticket whenever you want, from every place on the planet.

Share the costs, win big
Perhaps your group is lucky enough to win big. That would be incredible! Every player receives an automatic message by e-mail and SMS. You also get a message when you participate alone instead of a group. Playing in a group is definitely recommended. You share the costs, and your winning chance increases. So good luck at the next draw of EuroMillions!