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How does the Corona crisis affect EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a well-known lottery in Europe. It has nine participating countries, namely the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland and Belgium. At the moment the Coronacrisis has a lot of impact on the lives of Europeans. For example, the way they can play in a EuroMillions draw has changed. Why is this and how has it changed?

Less consecutive draws

The EuroMillions group has asked all participating countries to reduce the number of consecutive EuroMillions draws. The decision has been made out of solidarity. The impact of the Corona crisis varies greatly from country to country. Some countries are more affected than others. The number of consecutive EuroMillions draws for which you can play in one go will decrease. This is temporary, happens in a gradual way and has no impact on the Jackpots.

Phased out per two draws

The decision of the EuroMillions group means that a Multidraw, which was usually possible up to ten consecutive draws, will be phased out per two draws. So the Multidraw evolves from playing for 10 consecutive draws to 8 draws and then 6 draws until 4 consecutive draws. The number of 4 consecutive draws will be maintained until the situation returns to normal.

Do not come to the store unnecessary
EuroMillions keeps it possible to play for 4 draws at once in order to limit the visits to a point of sale. This is in line with the rule for to merchants not to let players come to the store unnecessarily. If you go to a point of sale with your form with 10 draws, the seller will inform you that the system accepts your game form but only for the number of pre-played draws that are still possible at that time.

Perhaps a practical example makes it more clear. Perhaps you like to play on Tuesday, March 31. In that case you can participate in 8 consecutive draws. It also means that you will participate in this draw from March 31, 2020 to the draw on Friday April 24th, 2020.

Scheme corona with consecutive EuroMillions draws

If you like to play on Tuesday, April 7 for a series of consecutive draws this will be possible for 6 draws. So you will play for the draw on Tuesday, April 7 up to and including the draw on April 24. Read and save this scheme with the consecutive draws of EuroMillions:

Which draw? How many consecutive draws? Last draw
Friday, March 27th 10 Tuesday, April 28th
Tuesday, March 31st 8 Friday, April 24th
Friday, April 3rd 8 Tuesday, April 28th
Tuesday, April 7th 6 Friday, April 24th
Friday, April 10th 6 Tuesday, April 28th
Tuesday, April 14 4 Friday, April 24th
Friday, April 17th 4 Tuesday, April 28th
Tuesday, April 21st 4 Friday, April 24th
Friday, April 24 4 Tuesday, April 28th
After April 24th Stays 4 until the situation is normal again

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