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Lucky EuroMillions winner claims prize of 93 million pounds

A very lucky EuroMillions player from the United Kingdom has won 93 million pounds. He has now claimed his big prize and the ticket has been validated by a Winners Advisor. What do we know about the new millionaire?

Anonymous winner
The EuroMillions winner has decided to stay anonymous, so we don’t know a lot of details. There could also be multiple winners. Fact is that the new millionaire has made it to number six in the UK National Lottery Rich List. He or she has more money than F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, who has 88 million on his bank account. Poor guy!

More money than Hamilton and others

Lewis Hamilton is not the only one who has less money than this EuroMillions winner, according to the Sunday Times Rich List. After years of singing Gary Barlow ‘only’ has 65 million pounds, which is more than ‘poor’ Coldplay singer Chris Martin who has 52 million pounds. Other rich UK celebs:
• Football player Wayne Rooney: 72 million pounds
• Tennis player and Wimbledon winner Andy Murray: 48 million pounds
• Multiple Major winner Rory McIlroy: 38 million pounds

Not the biggest winner
It has been a very good year for EuroMillions so far, because this has already been the third Jackpot win. The new millionaire is not the biggest winner in EuroMillions history though. 93 million pounds is a lot, but not as much as the 161 million dollars from Chris and Colin Weir from Largs in July 2011. The biggest winners before that were Richard and Angela Maxwell from Conningsby. This lucky couple won a Jackpot of 53 million pounds!

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